Akashic Records and other related readings

Helen McDonald /Heletyl

In the time that your Soul has existed it has experienced much; it has been through very happy and fulfilling lives, it has suffered huge trauma, it has been the perpetrator and the victim.

Our Soul has experienced all of this and more. In some of these lives our choices have caused our Soul damage; they have also attracted mechanisms (blocks and restrictions) that limit our being and control our freedoms and our happiness.

Living at this time on Earth is very exciting though - we now have the means to see exactly what blocks and restrictions effect our lives and what we need to do to get rid of them.

By identifying and bringing the information about relevant past lives, issues from your current life and the effect they have had on you in this life, from the subconscious to the conscious, you can release the energetic influence that they have had on you. You can then make changes in your life in order to heal your body, your mind and your Soul and enable these units to work together, balanced and healthy in this deeply, deeply sacred time for you.

You can then see the amazing person that you are and live with clarity, confidence and happiness.

The Akashic Record Reading

Once you have chosen a reading I ask for the following details so I can locate and access your Akashic Record.

  • Your current name

  • Your name at birth

  • Your birth date

  • Where you were born

I also ask for a statement of intention for the reading - this will vary according to the reading you have chosen.

I then undertake the detailed reading and, when this is complete we schedule a reporting session so that I can provide you with the information and a tailored energy clearing ritual (for relevant readings). The ritual (where given) is read by you with intention every day for 21 days and it clears blocks and restrictions to a certain extent but further work is needed by you to make new choices in life so that the changes are integrated into your life. The ritual and integrating the changes into your life require actions and vigilance by you and do not require any more contact with me or any further purchases - however if you wish further support you can of course contact me.

The reporting session is done over the phone unless you are local to me (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) and prefer a face-to-face session. This reporting session will take approximately an hour.

Akashic Record readings may be done on behalf of your children, partner or spouse with whom you reside and /or whom you have the care of, but cannot be done for anyone who is independent of you.

After contacting me your reading and the reporting session could take 1-2 weeks due to the volume of clients but I will tell you approximately how long it will be when you contact me.

To order a reading please go to the store page and choose your reading from the drop down box to pay via Paypal. Please have your payment sent to my email address, heletyl@southernphone.com.au and include your email address; from here and for privacy reasons I will email you and we can exchange information so that I can do the reading that you want and that is specifically for you. You can also contact me via the Contact form. 

Which Akashic Record Readings would you like to have done?

N.B. the Soul Profile and the Soul Realignment are done together and cannot be purchased separetly.

Soul Profile

Where did your soul originate? What are your divine gifts? Are you protected? Are your prayers heard? How many Spirit Guides do you have and do they help or hinder? Do you have the soul you were meant to have? Is there only the one soul or do you have many to contend with?

This reading usually strikes a deep core with people as they see the truly unique and wonderful person that they are. This reading is automatically included in the Soul Realignment reading. Go to Store to purchase.

Soul Realignment

Looks at all the relevant and varied blocks and restrictions that have resulted from choices you have made in previous lives and cause you trouble now. These choices are often repeated life after life until you resolve the pattern. The reading also identifies damage done to your Soul and damage that has been done to your connection to your Higher Self. And it looks at how these influence your chakras, your health, your experiences, relationships, drives and limitations in this life.

Once the issues are brought to your conscious mind this can all easily cleared/resolved by undertaking the energy clearing exercise / ritual that is provided.  Bringing the changes into your life requires awareness and determination. By following this through many people have felt profound transformation in their lives.

Some people are happy to progress with this information alone with no further purchases, other people just want to continue the fun. Support is available if requested. Go to Store to purchase.

Property Realignment

In our modern lives we are not necessarily attuned to the ancient land we live on and the entities that we attract or displace. This property realignment identifies any entities or other energetic issues and helps clear them. 

The homework required by the client is a matter of smudging or spraying the perimeter of the property / buildings with salt water following the energetic clearing that is done by the practitioner - a site visit is not necessary for this. Go to Store to purchase.

Life Lessons

We are not in class!!! But we have chosen some lessons or themes to explore. Some of these we may have already completed but learning what these lessons are gives us a much deeper understanding of our thoughts, feelings and experiences. Curious? Go to Store to purchase.

Soul Energetic Matrix

What are your divine gifts and how are you using them? Are you putting all your energy into something that is not natural to you and exhausts you in the process when your true gift is left idle?

This reading shows you how you are going with aligning your body, your mind and your Soul so that you have clear access to your divinity as well as abundance, health and happiness in your life. Go to Store to purchase.

Life Situation Reading

Ever wondered what is going on in your life? Why is everything so hard? All sorts of blocks and restrictions originating from choices in this life as well as genetic influences can be the problem. By identifying and clearing what you can, you can make new choices and live a happier and more fulfilled life. Go to Store to purchase.

Relationship Reading

This reading can review all sorts of relationships including life partners, parent and child, siblings, friends etc. Have you been together in previous lives? What was the relationship in the past? Are there any blocks and restrictions, bindings, karma, vows etc. that make your relationship a challenge? 

You are given this information and an energy clearing exercise to clear the energetic influences so new ways of relating can be achieved. Go to Store to purchase.

Manifesting Blueprint

Do you know what you want in life and how to get it? Everyone has a unique recipe for manifesting what they want in their life. This reading shows you your recipe for different aspects of your life and supports you to integrate the necessary changes to actually achieve the results that you want. Go to Store to purchase.

Spirit Guide Reading

We have a team of spiritual helpers who assist us, protect us, and inspire our creativity. They have experience of incarnation on Earth and have access to the spiritual realm including angelic Beings and Masters as needed.

Your spirit guides only operate given your intentions for your life whether they are conscious or unconscious, authentic, on purpose or not. By learning who the Guides are at Soul level, we know what their purpose is on your Spirit Guide team and what their expertise is. Go to Store to purchase.

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