Helen McDonald/Heletyl’s Biography

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I live in Tasmania on a rural property with my husband, dog, chooks and three alpacas. My two adult children live close by so I see them frequently and I delight in spending time with my grandchildren. I enjoy craft work (currently felting alpaca wool), gardening and writing.

I was born to farm life in Tasmania; it was tough but wonderful with my older brothers and a twin sister, animals to look after, gardens to tend, and lots of fun and adventures to be had.

Professionally I have been a nurse, homebirth midwife, Bowen Therapist and spiritual/pastoral carer.

I am spiritual and intuitive; I am also good at listening and reading body language. I use these skills extensively in my life and to help others with their journey on Earth. I have a calm, gentle nature and my knowledge and experience with the health sector finds me very comfortable in any health care setting.

Heletyl is my pen name and combines Helen et al. The name is inclusive of every influence in my life including my family, friends and teachers/guides both here and in the spiritual realm. It is who I AM.

I have been seriously challenged a number of times during my life but my spiritual beliefs, my inner strength and various types of counselling saw me through these tough times.

My experience has also taught me that we need to take responsibility for our own health and happiness in all things.

I am open minded when it comes to people’s faith and I really understand the need for people to experience peace of mind at all times including during potentially stressful times such as death and making life changing decisions. People can be helped to consciously achieve this peace of mind if given gentle support, effective counsel and information that is meaningful for them.

The Akashic Record work has been illuminating for me. I feel so relieved that there is at last some authentic spiritual work available to us that can help us identify and to get rid of the blocks and restrictions that have come from previous lives and/or have been generated in this life. There are also many other readings that can be done with practical tips and exercises for integration of the knowledge into our lives now.

It gives me great pleasure to help people feel their divinity, see who they truly are at Soul level, take control of their lives and become totally conscious in this deeply sacred time of their existence.