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Deep down we know all we need to know to live this life to the fullest and be at one with our divinity.

We also know how to choose our path and consciously choose how to navigate it.

But how do we access this knowledge and integrate it into our lives?

Read more about me here

Read more about me here

Hello, I'm Helen McDonald /Heletyl

This website is here to help you to:

  • Consciously choose your path and integrate it into your life
  • Consciously heal your life and find happiness, and
  • Consciously live in alignment with your divinity in this deeply, deeply sacred time for you.

    Body – Mind – Soul connection

    You have chosen to live this life on Earth at this time. Your Soul has lived for many, many thousands of years and incarnation as a living, feeling human being does not happen very often, so this life is deeply, deeply sacred. And as a human being our body, our mind and our soul all have equally unique and important roles to play in our time here and they all influence each other.

    Energy in a healthy body, mind and Soul unit that flows freely without blocks and restrictions has the capacity to ensure a healthy, happy and abundant life. Blocks and restrictions in one aspect affects the flow of energy in the whole unit and they all suffer. Clearing the blocks and restrictions frees the body, mind and Soul to work together in the harmony that we once had.

    We all have an incredible ability to take control of our health and our happiness but may just need someone to walk with us for a while and help us learn how to start to change and how to maintain our momentum. Let us help you.

    Where would you like to start?

    Choose from the following:

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    The body is the physical aspect of our incarnation. It is the vessel that we have chosen for our life here on Earth this time around. As incarnation is very rarely done we can help the experience by the care and attention we give to our body.

    Read more (click here) to gain a practical understanding about how important our physical health is, what affects it, and how we can consciously take control of it.

    mind small.jpg

    The mind is many things including our ego, personality, thoughts, feelings, choices and the capacity to learn and make decisions.

    Read more (click here) to gain a practical understanding about what affects our mind, how we can consciously influence its health and vitality, and engineer the experiences we have in life.

    soul small.jpg

    The Soul is the spark of life that animates our being here on Earth in this incarnation. It is the divinity within us.

    Read more (click here) to gain a practical understanding of what influences how our Soul helps us, how to heal any damage and how we can use our divinity to find conscious health and happiness.