The Soul is the spark of life that animates our being here on Earth in this incarnation. It is the divinity within us.

Our Soul is affected by our intentions, our choices and our actions. The damage that we cause it can carry over from lifetime to lifetime and shape our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experiences here on Earth.

Learning who we are at Soul level, what our divine gifts are, and what blocks and restrictions we have allows us to then free ourselves to step into our life with clarity, confidence, and happiness. Healing at this level is also paramount to healing at the mind and body level.

There are many types of therapies to help us strengthen our Soul and gain better access to our Divinity and conscious health and happiness; see below for a few of my favourite ones.

Helen McDonald /Heletyl

Helen McDonald /Heletyl

Akashic Record and other related readings - Helen McDonald /Heletyl (to read more about me click here)

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I am an accredited practitioner as taught by Andrrea Hess of Soul Realignment. For a list of other practitioners who do this work (as taught by Andrrea) click on this link:

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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

Reconnective Healing  - Michael Taylor

Michael practices Reconnective Healing and other Biofield Therapies at Gore Street Medical in South Hobart and specialises in teaching energy healing methods to children and parents. He also facilitates an effective and powerful Distance Healing service and has helped people in many countries worldwide including the USA and Britain.

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Nadja Brearley

Nadja Brearley

Past Life Regression, and Life-Between-Life Regression - Nadja Brearley

Nadja's training and experience includes:Bachelor Degree in Educational Psychology (1991), Masters in Counselling (2007), Rudolf Steiner teaching, Jungian Astrology, and Aura-Soma in 2006. Nadja graduated with the Academy for Hypnosis in Jan 2014 and in Regression Therapy in Nov 2014. Nadja believes her role is to empower and guide the individual finding their own path and heal those old wounds which holding us back from living a fulfilling life. It begins with truly hearing the person…
Nadja is very confident and excited to share Regression Therapy with prospective clients, as she has not come across a more profound healing modality as this one. It goes to the root of the problem very quickly and undoes/heals trauma in such a loving and transformative way. Answers are created very effectively and are lasting.

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