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The mind is affected by choices in past and present lives, by our experiences, our health, our faith and how we allow others and the environment we live in to influence us. 

The health and vitality of our mind affects the experiences that we have in life.

In order to be able to make conscious decisions about our life we have to clear, nurture and exercise our mind and align it with our Divine Soul Blueprint AND our body.

There are many types of therapies to help heal and strengthen our mind. Here are a few of my favourite ones.

Counselling - Michael Brodribb

Michael Brodrib , Counsellor and Life Coach

Michael Brodrib, Counsellor and Life Coach

Do you want a happier life? To release stress? Solve problems? Relate better? Then Michael Brodribb is your man.

Michael is a counsellor in Tasmania for over 40 years. He has trained in Re-evaluation Counselling, Counselling and Breath Work.

He offers:

  • one on one assessments,

  • one-on-one coaching,

  • support with life topics/ crisis,

  • help solve mental health issues, and

  • does face-to-face, phone and Skype consultations.

Testimony"I have known Michael for many years now and have had many counselling sessions in that time. In all cases I have found him to be professional, kind, flexible, safe, and very skilled. He has helped me gain freedom from the hurt, beliefs and patterns that stop me being the true, real and the beautiful person that I now know that I am. Sessions with Michael have been easy and interesting, and I always come out of a session feeling light and happy.

Michael has also counselled my children, my husband and done couples counselling for my husband and I. We have all have responded well to these sessions and my husband and I are still happily married after 41 years due in no small part to Michael’s skills.

I can’t speak highly enough of Michael; and heartily endorse him to you. HD

His contact details are:

  • Mobile phone: 0427 296 349 and

  • Email: brodribb@ozemail.com.au and,

  • you can find him on facebook at Michael Brodribb Counseling.

For world information and resources for similar work click here https://www.rc.org/

'Do you remember?'


A simple yet profound self-help booklet designed for people of all ages to identify and reevaluate their feelings so they can live a full and aware life. It also helps them to cope with stress, grief and change. Click here to order your copy of this visually beautiful and easy to follow booklet.

The Kindle version of this booklet is not recommended as the references and page numbers have not translated into the format correctly.

Music Therapy - Mandy Cruickshank

Mandy is a teacher, counsellor, therapist, musician and artist. Her work (including her sublime harp music) aims to support people to find their inner essence and Mandy says

"The deeper the journey within oneself….the more the mind opens to an inner flame that transmutes the world.

Please enjoy my form of creative prayer/meditation.

It comes from the same place that I teach from.

Creative Art forms are the containment for deep knowledge."

Click here for her details http://stringsofcolour.com.au/ and http://stringsofcolour.com.au/mental-illness/