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The body is affected by choices in past and present lives, by our DNA, by the attention we pay to it, by how we treat it and by what actions we are taking. The health and vitality of our body governs our unconscious reactions and experiences in the physical world. Our body is the most dense of our body, mind and Soul, and healing it (to the extent possible for each individual), takes extra awareness and commitment. While we are doing this we also need to maintain our care of the other aspects of our being (i.e. our mind and our Soul) and consciously work on and clear any blocks and restrictions that affect them and bring any changes from those aspects into the physical body to manifest them in our life.   

There are many types of therapies to help us become aware of our bodies, how we use it and how to heal it. There will be the perfect one for you and your particular needs and preferences. There are many types of physical therapies; see below for a few of my favourite ones with their wonderful practitioners and associated websites.

 Acupuncture and Massage - Simone Walker

Simone Walker, Acupuncture & Energy Medicine

Simone Walker, Acupuncture & Energy Medicine

Simone Walker has been practicing acupuncture for over 25yrs. She has a holistic approach to health taking into account all aspects of the client to help unblock deep obstacles to full health recovery. She utilises tools such as NES Health, Reiki, essential oils and 7 Fields to assist with a comprehensive assessment and to remind the body to reclaim its naturally healthy state.

Simone Walker, phone/sms 0437 337 055

Hobart, Tasmania

Bowen Therapy - Ingrid Layton

Ingrid Layton, Bowen Therapist

Ingrid Layton, Bowen Therapist

Ingrid's practice, Equibody, is a mobile Bowen bodywork clinic for animals and people, specialising in horses and riders, but all animals and people are welcome. Ingrid combines a scientific background and training in Bowen Therapy, VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique) and Ortho-bionomy to identify issues and treat people in a beautifully gentle yet profoundly relaxing way.
Read more about Ingrid's services here

For more Bowen Therapy information click here

The Alexander Technique - Sheila Hale

The Alexander Technique teaches awareness of how we are moving so we can self- correct and heal.

For a wonderful practitioner in Hobart, Tasmania contact:

Sheila Hale by mobile / sms on 0449 954 640 or email her at

For practitioners (called teachers) in Australia click here 

For world information and resources click here


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Craniosacral Therapy - Monique Henry

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, hands on therapy that evaluates and enhances the flow of fluid around the skull and spine in order to free blockages and restore its natural flow throughout your body so that it functions and develops as it should.

For a practitioner in Melbourne Australia contact:  

Monique Henry on 0412 313 050

Email Monique on

Or visit her website at



Feldenkrais is a very gentle physical therapy used to improve our lives through better movement, sensation, posture and breathing.

Feldenkrais in Australia: and for further information and self-help options, see